TORQ MLS-1022 High Torque Micro Servo - HeliDirect
TORQ MLS-1022 High Torque Micro Servo - HeliDirect
TORQ MLS-1022 High Torque Micro Servo - HeliDirect
TORQ MLS-1022 High Torque Micro Servo - HeliDirect
TORQ MLS-1022 High Torque Micro Servo - HeliDirect
TORQ MLS-1022 High Torque Micro Servo - HeliDirect
TORQ MLS-1022 High Torque Micro Servo
TORQ MLS-1022 High Torque Micro Servo

TORQ MLS-1022 High Torque Micro Servo

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TORQ MLS-1022 High Torque Micro Servo - RED

The TORQ MLS-1022 High Torque Micro Servo is expertly engineered to cater to the needs of small-scale crawlers. This innovative servo design eliminates traditional servo ears, providing ample clearance between the servo and the frame rails, ensuring smooth and unobstructed suspension movement. The MLS-1022’s unique configuration also eliminates the necessity for a separate servo mount, simplifying the installation process.

Key features include rear exit wires, further ensuring that suspension travel remains unhindered. This servo is designed for ultimate clearance all around, making it a standout choice for crawler enthusiasts. The design is patent-pending, showcasing its unique and innovative nature.

Included at no extra charge: CNC Metal Arms, a $15 value!


-          High Torque Output: Delivers powerful performance for small-scale crawlers.

-          Mountless Design: Eliminates the need for a separate servo mount, reducing the overall cost.

-          No Servo Ears: Provides ample clearance between the servo and frame rails, ensuring smooth suspension movement.

-          Rear Exit Wires: Ensures suspension travel is unhindered for optimal performance.

-          Simplified Installation: Easy to mount due to its unique design.

-          Enhanced Clearance: Designed for ultimate clearance around the servo.

-          CNC Servo Horn Included: Limited time offer includes a free CNC servo horn.

-          Patent Pending: The innovative design is currently under patent protection.


-          Dead Bandwidth: 3μs

-          Working Frequency: 1520μs / 330Hz

-          Operating Voltage: 5.0V - 8.4V

-          Motor Type: Coreless Motor

-          Operating Speed:

        ·       At 5.0V: 0.10 sec/60°

        ·       At 6.0V: 0.09 sec/60°

        ·       At 7.4V: 0.07 sec/60°

        ·       At 8.4V: 0.055 sec/60°

-          Stall Torque:

        ·       At 5.0V: 9 kg-cm (125 oz-in)

        ·       At 6.0V: 11.5 kg-cm (160 oz-in)

        ·       At 7.4V: 12.8 kg-cm (177 oz-in)

        ·       At 8.4V: 14.5 kg-cm (200 oz-in)

-          Dimensions: 23 x 12 x 27.5 mm (0.91 x 0.47 x 1.08 inches)

-          Weight: 22.0 g (0.78 oz)

-          Connector Wire Length: JR 170 mm (6.7 inches)

-          Output Gear Spline: 25T


-          Space Efficiency: Compact design fits seamlessly within small-scale crawler setups.

-          Cost Savings: No need to purchase additional CNC servo mounts and CNC servo arms.

-          Performance Enhancement: Unhindered suspension movement leads to better crawler performance.

-          Ease of Installation: Simplifies the mounting process, saving time and effort.

-          The TORQ MLS-1022 High Torque Micro Servo - RED is an excellent choice for crawler enthusiasts looking for a high-performance, easy-to-install, and cost-effective servo solution.


Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Paul G.
Great Servo!

Love this direct fit servo! Tons of power and speed! The wire out the back and no tabs makes it a great choice for all the SCX24 builds!


Work great just sent the wrong screws for the horn spline definitely an improvement on frame rail clearance

Vince A.
Lil_Buckit_RC … 90% great

Servo is great, operates fast and quiet, plenty of power for 1/24 RC car. The servo horn screw would not thread in the screw or the threads were not good, I had to make it work with a smaller screw and some super glue. I haven’t used the second new servo yet I hope it was a one time defect. Happy with the performance and the mounts were perfect on LGRP a super 8 front axel.

Sean Duletzke
Great servo

Put in my SCX 24 great torque good speed well-made

Roland Pierre Junior
Powerful Servo.

Plenty of torque,easy to mount no clearance issues. I would recommend it.

Brad D.
Nice servo

Easy install and looks good. Powerful too.

edgar g.
Update review

Received with wrong screw on original order, received correct one in the mail today! Servo works great! Running with a V1 Lizard and gives me all the torq and power I need. The link holes are still a miss, used lock tight to help keep the screws in.

Exocaged R.
Exocaged RC Approved

This is the most effective and simple solution for an upgraded servo for the scx24 trucks available today.

Really good servo

Well made, has good torque and is really easy to install

Nathan Ross
This thing is sweet

It works good but the real test is time. How long will it last?

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