Furitek VELOS 20A/40A Brushless ESC and High Speed Servo Controller Main Board.
Furitek VELOS 20A/40A Brushless ESC and High Speed Servo Controller Main Board.

Furitek VELOS 20A/40A Brushless ESC and High Speed Servo Controller Main Board

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Furitek VELOS Main board is designed to conveniently convert Kyosho Mini-Z brushed kits to brushless. Most Kyosho RTR Mini-Z kits are brushed and if one wants to upgrade to brushless, he has to buy a separate esc and a separate servo controller. But soldering the servo controller is very difficult task and if making mistake it will be damaged. The Furitek VELOS is designed with one single board including high performance brushless esc and high speed servo controller that is very easy to assembly on the Kyosho kits.
Besides Kyosho RTR Mini-Z kits, other platforms such as PN 2.5 or NEXX Skyline frames also use separate brushless esc and servo controller from MR03 kit. However, the servo controller is very difficult to solder to the esc. The Furitek VELOS main board fits perfectly on PN 2.5 and NEXX Skyline frames and allow easy brushless conversion for Mini-Z kits with these platforms.
Another important feature of Furitek VELOS is that the servo controller is designed with high speed and high response capability that allows superior servo control than any other servo controller. Most drivers will recognize this.
The esc in the Furitek VELOS main board is an 20A/40A sensorless brushless esc that is very strong and helps control brushless motors extremely smooth.
Kyosho Mini-Z kits are not very easy to work with external TX. However, combining with external rx, Velos can allow Kyosho Mini-Z owners to control their vehicle with ANY of their favorite TX which others cannot offer. This opens wider TX choices for drivers.
And best of all, this VELOS main board is controlled and configured through smartphone apps efficiently and conveniently.

- 20/40A sensorless brushless ESC
- high speed servo controller
- led controller head-light, signal light, stop light (Future Feature)
- 100% compatible with PN 2.5 chassis, NEXX Skyline frame, Kyosho MR03 or stock kit
- AAA and 2s lipo batteries compatible

Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester

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James Denmark
Haven't tried the velos yet 😕 🙃

Not sure yet. Scared to try because people I race with say it doesn't work well with AAA batteries which is why I purchased it. Is this true, and if so is there a firmware update for it?

Welcome Newcomer