Furitek Transmission with KOMODO brushless setup for STELLAR.
Furitek Transmission with KOMODO brushless setup for STELLAR.
Furitek Transmission with KOMODO brushless setup for STELLAR.
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Furitek Transmission with KOMODO brushless setup for STELLAR

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Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester

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alfonso ayala

Very smooth with awesome torque

tyson lawler
Amazing service to go with an amazing product

I purchased both the pancake motor and esc as well as the micro motor setup and all i can say it is more than an upgrade it it a completely different vehicle..it has improved this rc in every aspect from power and speed to looks. And not only is the product way above par but the price is on point for what you are getting many other companies would charge alot more knowing they could get it because the performance is unmatched but furitek keeps the price point affordable..and last but not least is their customer service i have delt with alot of issues over the years buying online and it usually goes one of 2 ways good or bad but wirh furitek the service was so much more than expected response time was almost immediate and if after hours was always an answer for the next day very fast and friendly then to top it off knowing i was short on time to get up and running they sent out replacement parts to me in 2 days i received the new replacement. But the kicker is instead of waiting for me to go through a checklist of problems to see if the issue could be fixed wich could ha e taken too much time and may or may not have worked so they decided to just replace the part..this is an example of a company that appreciates its customer base and does not feel as if they are inferior but treat you like you should be treated.. for this is just o e example of how furitek is selling a great product and not just to a customer but to a fellow hobbiest.. furitek is #1

I Love The Komodo Motor But?

The Komodo motor is great, but I wish I had not got it with the transmission it is very loud and not very smooth when running it I'm not happy with the noise it makes weather I'm crawling slow or going fast it is just too loud so I put the stock transmission on smooth and quiet I wish I could send back the transmission and get some of my money back? I would give five stars, but the transmission is just way too loud.
Furitek let me send back the transmission and refunded my money back now I'm very happy.

Gordon Shaffer
Furitek combo

Awesome product every fast shipping I absolutely love this COMBO would definitely recommend it! THX

paolo perin

Game changer!
perfectly made and machined
Next level crawling!!


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