Furitek Tesla Digiboard.
Furitek Tesla Digiboard.

Furitek Tesla Digiboard

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Tesla Digiboard offers a new way to not only configure and display all parameters of the Esc on a tiny OLED screen, but also manages all settings that normally have to be done on a smartphone app. It is also a super cool OLED dashboard on your truck that sure brings many head turns.
- Ability to configure all parameters on the Furitek ESC.
- Ability to monitor and display all real time telemetries such as battery voltage, speed, temperature…
- Displays alarms for low battery, high temperature…
- Ability to manage all settings such as chaning brushed to brushless configuration and vice versa, changing motor directions… on the tiny OLED screen without a need for smartphone app.
- Ability to calibrate throttle of Furitek ESC without a need for smartphone app.
- Provides beautiful vibrated OLED screen display on your truck.
*New Tesla firmware are updated frequently to offer more features, and it is totally FREE for lifetime.
A Bluetooth module is needed to update firmware

Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester

Customer Reviews

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Mark Evju
Most useful gadget thats inexpensive you can put on your rig

This micro dash is really useful and inexpensive for what you get. it has a bunch of capabilities that usually are in a handheld size unit. it keeps track of all of your furitek electronics as you crawl your way through the rocks or on the micro drift track.its definately a buy. I bought 2!

Come on!!! Who doesnt want a worthing light up dashboard in their rc rig.

This thig is awesome. Has all the functions as the bluetooth app, so if you dont have the app you still can tune your rc esc and motor. This dashboard is bitchin!!!

D. Kühl
Innovation Second to None

When I first saw the Tesla board, I didn’t believe it was real. I couldn’t understand the amount of technology and expertise it would take to assemble such a small multifunction unit, which was so over the top in its specifications, and tuning functionality.
I was taken aback about what I was looking at and I simply just could not believe that it was real. I can tell you with all certainty is absolutely real, it’s about the coolest thing you could put on your truck next to dirt.
My recommendation is to buy at least three or four of these, because they are so uniquely cool to almost any application. I use them on my micro drift car (Super Skeeter, Red) and my scaled out 1/10 trail truck, it is one thing that everyone comments on and the fact that it has more functionality than it’s awesome looks ~ is really a mind blower. Don’t even get me started on the price, they’re practically giving them away as far as I’m concerned.
- D. Kühl

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